About me

Hi and welcome to my website/blog, where I will post lots of useful information regarding topics which interest me.  But first as is customary, a little about me…

I’m a software developer currently working for Ethersec Industries Ltd., where we work on advanced video analytics for security and safety systems.  I have a PhD in Mathematics and Computer Science and now spend most of my days writing software in C++, now my go to general purpose programming language of choice.  That said for R&D I much prefer working with Python and/or MATLAB if available, or maybe something in between (MEX wrapped C++ code).  For more computationally demanding tasks, I use CUDA to adapt suitable algorithms for execution on the GPU.

I am currently interested in the application of Deep Learning and GPU computing to video analytics.  As a result my first blog is a quick introduction into some of the best resources I have found for learning parallel programming with CUDA.

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