About me

Hi and welcome to my website/blog, where I will post lots of useful information regarding topics which interest me.  But first as is customary, a little about me…

I’m a software developer currently working for Ethersec Industries Ltd., where we work on advanced video analytics for security and safety systems.  I have a PhD in Mathematics and Computer Science and now spend most of my days writing software in C++, now my go to general purpose programming language of choice.  That said for R&D I much prefer working with MATLAB if available, or maybe something in between (MEX wrapped C++ code).  For more computationally demanding tasks, I use CUDA to adapt suitable algorithms for execution on the GPU.

My current interests are GPU computing and video analytics, which complement each other, due to the highly data parallel nature of the algorithms used in image and video processing.  As a result my first blog is a quick introduction into some of the best resources I have found for learning parallel programming with CUDA.