OpenCV 3.4 for Windows (commit: 6d4f66472e14b29b8e1623859cfebfdc67f677c3, 22/12/2017).
Note: The CUDA and TBB redistributable dll’s are not included in the OpenCV 3.4 downloads below. To use these builds you will either have to install both CUDA 9.1 and Intel TBB 2018 on your machine or get hold of the redistributable dll’s from an install on another machine.

OpenCV v3.3 for Windows (commit: 4af3ca4e4d7be246a49d751a79c6392e848ac2aa, 04/08/2017).

OpenCV v3.2 for Windows (commit: 70bbf17b133496bd7d54d034b0f94bd869e0e810, 23/12/2016).